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Star Trek – So Bad it Doesn’t Deserve a Title

Star Trek, the latest addition to the grand history of gaming, courtesy of Digital Extremes and Paramount, epitomizes everything that we’ve come to know of …


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – This is Exactly What the 80s Were Like Kids

A Neon Rainbow of 80’s Action


Dishonored – “The Knife of Dunwall” DLC pack incomming

Knifing Around in Dunwall


Aliens: Colonial Marines Bursts out of the Wrong Cavity…

and Gets Stuck Half-Way.


Guardians of Middle Earth – Plus This Month

Tonight, Kelarik is checking out the console-exclusive MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) from Monolith Productions, Guardians of Middle Earth. How does this genre translate to …


Mortal Kombat – Plus This Month

Tonight Kelarik is looking at Mortal Kombat, which is currently free for EU Playstation Plus subscribers. Shock and gore abound in this 18+ title, so …


Bioshock 2 – Plus This Month

Strap on a diving helmet, spin up a huge drill, and delve into the deeps with Bioshock 2 with Kelarik. We return to the underwater …


Knytt Underground – Plus This Month

Swedish developer Nifflas released the latest game in their Knytt series. A very stylish 2D platforming game with very expansive level stages.


LT3 “Top 3” 2012 – Kelarik

What happens when you bring together the 4 main guys from LThan3, sit them down and ask them what their top 3 best games from …


Dust: An Elysian Tail – First Glance Guest Edition

Kelarik checks out the one-man development studio game, Dust: An Elysian Tale. A side-scrolling brawler with a dash of RPG elements.