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Karmaflow: The Rock Opera - First Impressions
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Dungeon of the Endless - (Release) First Impressions
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Marvel Heroes 2015 David Brevik Interview [Gamescom 2014]
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Stronghold Crusader 2 Interview [Gamescom 2014]
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Divinity: Original Sin - Preview

Recent Reviews

Blackguards 2 – Spiders, why does it always have to be spiders?

February 11th, 2015|0 Comments

Lyndon challenges fate and marches to conquer the citadel of Blackguards 2, will it stand strong against his criticisms or will it fall beneath the weight of his ire?

Tengami Review – Oh Tengami, you Charmer

January 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

CJ has a crack at Tengami, opening a colourful book that tells the story of one man and his destiny. The destiny involves flowers, sure, but it's a very pleasant one as far as these things go.

Evolve Big Alpha Giveaway – 500 entries!

October 29th, 2014|0 Comments

Dying to get your hands on Evolve? Well you might not have to wait until February to get your fix. Turtle Rock are running a "Big Alpha" soon and we've giving you the chance to be involved.

SMITE Announces World Championship for January 2015

By |July 2nd, 2014|News|

In a genre quickly becoming saturated by middling clones and inappropriate acronyms, more than a little credit needs to be given to SMITE for doing its own take on a 'third-person divine meat grinder' ARTS, and having no small amount

Panzer General Online announce D-Day Event

By |June 5th, 2014|News|

Panzer General Online, the online turn based tactical battle game with a side order of collectable card game from Ubisoft, has just announced it's first in-game event to line up with the anniversary of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The

Magicka Wizard Wars reaches 500,000 Downloads.

By |June 4th, 2014|News|

Friendships are overrated, at least that's the news that seems to be hidden in amongst the details coming from Paradox Interactive and Paradox North today, as they announced that Magicka: Wizard Wars had been downloaded over 500,000 times. If you're

Opinion: On Amnesia and Pork

By |June 1st, 2014|Community, Reviews|

Rejoice internet, for the sequel to everyone's favorite game to watch other people play is finally upon us. Will it live up to the particular flavor of horror that The Dark Descent established, or will it attempt to forge new ground? Either way, the screams will be delicious.

Foul Play Review: Exceptionally British Beat-Em Up

By |May 15th, 2014|Reviews|

Foul Play tries to entertain with a good story, presented in a modernized style of old beat-em-ups. Gather ‘round to find out if it’s style over substance, or a good all-rounder that can win you over with its charm.

Europa Universalis IV – Grand Strategy on an Epic scale

By |May 3rd, 2014|Community, Reviews|

Paradox's latest masterpiece, Europa Universalis IV, elevates strategy gaming to a whole new level of epicness and takes its rightful place among the titans of the genre. Pulling the strings of your favourite renaissance-era country and watching the world dance to your whims is seriously satisfying.

Hawken – Something Massive this Way Comes

By |September 5th, 2013|News|

Every now and then, a new patch will come along that's different from the rest. Where others see the need for balance changes and bug fixes, it sees the potential for whole new designs. Where others are content to tweak

How Titanfall changed my mind and earned me $5 at Gamescom

By |August 30th, 2013|Previews|

I don't hold much faith in first person shooters these days. The last FPS I played that I truly enjoyed would have been Bad Company 2 and I can split that enjoyment 50/50 between it being a good game and the people I was playing with. That opinion however, changed whilst I was in Germany.

Space Hulk Launches August 15th… FOR THE EMPEROR!

By |July 26th, 2013|News|

We had the pleasure of checking out Turn Based Strategy Xenocide simulator Space Hulk last month at Rezzed and even in the unfinished unpolished state we were allowed to get our drool covered hands on it looked fantastic. So imagine the

Beatbuddy – A THR3AKS News Musical Special

By |July 25th, 2013|News|

With Beatbuddy's early August release looming ever closer, the THR3AKS devs are sparing no opportunity to tease us with videos of awesome levels and sweet music. Of course, it wouldn't be one of their videos if things didn't get awkward, with plenty of appropriate dancing.

Metro: Last Light – First DLC Pack Now Available

By |July 18th, 2013|News|

It was a bit unclear how DLC for Metro: Last Light was going to be handled, but with the Faction Pack now out, we finally have our answers. Featuring several missions unrelated to the main storyline, you'll get to enjoy a variety of different gameplay, areas and challenges at a very affordable price point.

Warframe – An Update for Your Space Ninja

By |July 15th, 2013|News|

It seems that Digital Extremes just can't sit still, with yet another big update hitting the world of Warframe. This time around, the update adds new weapons and helmets, expands on some mission areas, introduces a new boss, and gives us access to Nova, a brand new warframe spawned by the sinister minds of the Design Council.