3 08, 2013

Kerbal Space Progam – Inside The Game

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Dave plans to go where no man... Err, KERBAL has gone before as he straps on a space suit and sets his sights on the Mun. We feel we should add no Kerbals were harmed in the making of this video... Ok, well, maybe some.

28 06, 2013

Minion’s Opinions: On Magrunner and Fhtagn

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You had one job Magrunner, one job! And you couldn't even get magnets right! Well, technically they're not actually magnets, they're some sort of proprietary

19 06, 2013

The Last of Us – Inside The Game

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Join us as Dave takes an extended look at The Last of Us and shares some of his thoughts on the game so far.

11 06, 2013

Remember Me – Inside The Game

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Dave returns to take an extended look at Remember Me, this time we get to see how the Memory Remix mechanic works and some of the other tricks that Nilin fields to get the job done. While Nilin is trying to remember, is Dave trying to forget?

31 05, 2013

Anomaly 2 – On Second Thought

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Dave and Minion are back with another look at Anomaly 2, this time trying to outwit each other in a strategic multiplayer battle of epic proportions.

3 05, 2013

A Look at Anomaly 2, Now With Preorders

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With Anomaly 2 less than two weeks away now, have a look at some of the stuff you can expect to find in this refined take on Tower Offense, along with the tasty preorder benefits available right now.

22 02, 2013

Dead Space 3 – On Second Thoughts

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Dave and Fluke sit down to talk over Dead Space 3 in finer detail. With Dave having played the first two and Fluke being new to the franchise, how did they feel Dead Space 3 shaped up?

7 02, 2013

Dungeonland – On Second Thought (Giveaway Winners!)

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The guys group up to discuss their feelings on Dungeonland now that they've had some time to really get to grips with it. Has the game proven to be as good as their first impressions seemed? The giveaway winners are also announced!

28 01, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry – On Second Thought

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Dave and Fluke cut a path through the demon hordes in Devil May Cry. What does Dave think of the combat system? And how did Fluke's experience compare with a keyboard and mouse? Dave falling and Fluke failing to get his words out in On Second Thought.

21 01, 2013

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – On Second Thought

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Trucker Dave has Papa Fluke join his Trucker convoy as they sit down to discuss Euro Truck Simulator 2. Is being a trucker all it's cracked up to be? Or does it make you want to fall asleep at the wheel?