11 02, 2015

Blackguards 2 – Spiders, why does it always have to be spiders?

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Lyndon challenges fate and marches to conquer the citadel of Blackguards 2, will it stand strong against his criticisms or will it fall beneath the weight of his ire?

23 01, 2015

Tengami Review – Oh Tengami, you Charmer

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CJ has a crack at Tengami, opening a colourful book that tells the story of one man and his destiny. The destiny involves flowers, sure, but it's a very pleasant one as far as these things go.

31 10, 2014

The Evil Within – Barbed Wire Facial Piercings Will Never Catch On.

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Our newest crew member dives into the mind of The Evil Within and faces the horrid secrets inside.

7 07, 2014

Fist of Awesome – Bear Knuckle Brawling

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I can't really remember when the last time I played a side-scrolling beat em up was. I do know it was many years ago on

1 07, 2014

GRID Autosport – On Second Thought [Review]

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Dave returns for a second lap with GRID Autosport. After spending some more time on the track, what will Dave have to say?

1 06, 2014

Opinion: On Amnesia and Pork

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Rejoice internet, for the sequel to everyone's favorite game to watch other people play is finally upon us. Will it live up to the particular flavor of horror that The Dark Descent established, or will it attempt to forge new ground? Either way, the screams will be delicious.

15 05, 2014

Foul Play Review: Exceptionally British Beat-Em Up

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Foul Play tries to entertain with a good story, presented in a modernized style of old beat-em-ups. Gather ‘round to find out if it’s style over substance, or a good all-rounder that can win you over with its charm.

3 05, 2014

Europa Universalis IV – Grand Strategy on an Epic scale

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Paradox's latest masterpiece, Europa Universalis IV, elevates strategy gaming to a whole new level of epicness and takes its rightful place among the titans of the genre. Pulling the strings of your favourite renaissance-era country and watching the world dance to your whims is seriously satisfying.

5 08, 2013

Beatbuddy – REVIEW – LThan3

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Toe-tapping, head-bobbing rhythm based goodness. That's how Dave describes Beatbuddy, a puzzle/rhythm based game from Threaks. Join us as Dave breaks down what he likes and dislikes about the game.

3 08, 2013

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (PC) – At First Glance

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Test your might! Dave enters the arena to partake in some Mortal Kombat and shows off his supreme fighting moves, and by that we of course mean a lot of jumping and maybe the occasional punch. FINISH HIM!