15 05, 2013

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Stab Like a Pirate in This New Trailer

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Yarr Captain, thar be a trailer on tha' there horizon! Ok, enough of that. As you've no doubt gathered, Ubisoft have decided to grace us with a brand new gameplay trailer that shows off more of the piratey goodness that we can expect from Black Flag this October.

14 05, 2013

Pokemon X and Y – The First Big Change in Pokemon Games Since 1996?

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It's that time in the land of Pokemon again; time for a new generation and a new series of games in which we see who's pokemon are better at fight club. And with the advent of the 6th generation, we'll finally be getting a pokemon RPG with full 3D models instead of shinny sprites, as well as a bunch of new mechanics that take advantage of this new dimension of... space.

8 05, 2013

Magic 2014: Duel of the Planeswalkers – See One Sliver, Run Away. See Two Slivers, Not Your Day

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Ready for your annual dose of Magic Lite? If so, you'll be happy to hear that the latest, 2014 edition of the game is gonna have some cool new features, including Sealed play and a whole mess of angry Slivers.

1 05, 2013

If Nintendo Whines in a Forest of Wiis, Does Anyone Hear It?

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In a move that can only be described as desperate, Nintendo have taken a rather novel approach to letting Wii owners know just what the Wii U is, and that Nintendo would really like them to upgrade. Pretty please?

29 04, 2013

Who Watches the Watch Dogs When Their Owner is Out of Town?

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Ubisoft managed to impress everyone at E3 last time with the reveal of their upcoming next-gen title, Watch Dogs. And now, thanks to the magic of PR announcements, this combination of open-world hacking, shooting, platforming and intrigue, set in a cyber-terror ridden future Chicago, finally has a release date in sight.

27 04, 2013

Rumors in the City: Thief Press Demo Might have been Shady

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It's no secret that Square Enix haven't been doing great in recent times, and while the recent press demos of the upcoming Thief reboot have seemed promising, rumors are surfacing that this might be nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

24 04, 2013

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – This is Exactly What the 80s Were Like Kids

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is an actual thing that is happening, and is also awesome, and full of bright neon colors. Your may not have been around back in the golden days of horrible hair, VHS, and glowing neon wastelands, but Blood Dragon is looking to fix all that by providing a window back in time, into a future neon cyber-hellscape of death and ass-kicking.

2 04, 2013

Pst, Hey Kid! How’d You Like a Thief 4 Trailer?

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Somewhat leaky, CGI teaser trailers seem to be all the rage these days, and Thief 4 is apparently not one to go without. Still, this comes as a strong sign of development on the game coming along smoothly, which is a pleasant surprise for fans, considering Squenix's disappointing run in recent times. Trailer time.

13 03, 2013

Dishonored – Knifing Around in Dunwall

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When it comes to first person games, they are almost universally of the FPS persuasion. Even the ones that are not about shooting people in

10 03, 2013

Hellraid – Do You Have What it Takes to Raid Hell?

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ARPGs seem to be all the rage recently, and people are starting to get creative in their design. The latest offering that fits this bill seems to Hellraid, a first person hack and slash that sees you raiding Hell for all its delicious loot, with up to 3 buddies to help you out, because Hell's better with friends.