30 05, 2013

DotA 2 – The Stage is Set for the International 3

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With the qualifiers for the biggest tournament in eSports finally over, we now know the full complement of teams that will be competing for the world title in Seattle this year. The qualifiers gave us a glimpse of just how well some of these teams can play, and with the big boys yet to step up to the plate, it's already looking to be one hell of an event.

29 05, 2013

Armikrog – Spiritual Sequel to The Neverhood Getting Kickstarted

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There's something about old-school point-and-click adventure games on Kickstarter that makes people crawl out of the woodwork and donate by the bucket. Enter Armikrog, a spiritual successor to 1996's The Neverhood, a game that despite never finding much commercial success remains a fond memory in the minds of many of today's no-longer-young people.

28 05, 2013

Darkwood – Careful, There’s a Roguelike Lurking in That Trailer

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It seems that the days of survival horror games mutating into this giant, mangled genre full of teeth and tentacles right in front of you for a good 15 seconds are finally over. With new horror games finally returning to their roots, Darkwood is looking to expand on the tried and true survival fearathon with roguelike gameplay set in a open world.

27 05, 2013

Mojang’s Scrolls Heads into ‘Pay to Open Beta’

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It should come as no surprise that a lot of people are rather interested in what comes out of Mojang in a world where Minecraft is bigger than any Yo' Momma joke, and the first thing that'll be gracing our PCs is the fantasy strategy battle / card game mix called Scrolls.

24 05, 2013

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Has Epic Trailers

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If there's one thing that's synonymous with ARPG dungeon crawlers, it's epic loot. It's a good thing then that The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot seems to have its priorities set straight from the get go.

23 05, 2013

Alan, Wake Me Up in Time for the Humble Bundle

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The guys that handle Humble Bundles seem to be branching out lately, and their latest too-tasty-to-pass-over offer comes to us courtesy of Remedy Entertainment, who've put together a complete Alan Wake package, and are offering it to their fans for the standard price of however much you want.

22 05, 2013

Dungeonland: Dance to Your Dungeon Maestro’s Tune

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Paradox's little ARPG was a whole ton of fun when we last checked it out, and although that certainly hasn't changed, it has grown a bit samey. Fear not though, for Paradox and Critical Studios have you covered with a rather substantial update that should help breathe some new life into your deadly adventures.

21 05, 2013

Xbox One and Done: Leaving the Gamers Out in the Dark

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The Xbox reveal is over, and we have information on more games than you can count on one hand. All of which are incredible, truly mind-blowing games, and none of them you'd expect to be on the Xbox. At least, maybe in another dimension.

17 05, 2013

Diablo 3 – One Year Anniversary and More PS Previews

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It's been a year since the biggest ARPG in history got its sequel in Diablo 3, and although the game's come a long way, it's been a bumpy ride. Blizzard's far from done with this one though, as the console release is looming just over the horizon, with quite a few substantial changes coming in its wake.

16 05, 2013

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – A Bachelor Pad Like No Other

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With the release date of the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing looming ever closer, Neocore have given us another bit of insight into the life of Van Helsing junior. This time around, the focus is on his bachelor pad and the wealth of deadly traps he uses to keep it safe from hordes of monsters and girls that just can't take a hint.