18 07, 2013

Metro: Last Light – First DLC Pack Now Available

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It was a bit unclear how DLC for Metro: Last Light was going to be handled, but with the Faction Pack now out, we finally have our answers. Featuring several missions unrelated to the main storyline, you'll get to enjoy a variety of different gameplay, areas and challenges at a very affordable price point.

15 07, 2013

Warframe – An Update for Your Space Ninja

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It seems that Digital Extremes just can't sit still, with yet another big update hitting the world of Warframe. This time around, the update adds new weapons and helmets, expands on some mission areas, introduces a new boss, and gives us access to Nova, a brand new warframe spawned by the sinister minds of the Design Council.

9 07, 2013

Firefall Softly Releases Onto the General Public

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From the endless void of infinite developer flip-flopping, Firefall bursts forth into the world in the form of a shinny Open Beta. With new features and new content, it seems Firefall has finally figured out what it wants to be, and now you too can explore it's lush post-apocalyptic wilderness.

25 06, 2013

Deadpool – The Gang’s All Here, So Let’s Blow Them Up!

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With a character as unpredictable, crazy and utterly random as Deadpool in their pocket, it was only a matter of time before Marvel decided to make a whole game around him. Or before Deadpool kidnapped the High Moon Studios devs and forced them to make a game for him. Either way, that game is now out and ready for some crazy action.

24 06, 2013

Star Citizen – All of the Shiny!

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It's been ages since we've seen a good space sim, and even though Star Citizen is shaping up to be quite the monster of a game, it'll be ages still before it sees the light of day. That's not stopping them from teasing us with fancy new ships designs in the form of tasty preorder bonuses though.

20 06, 2013

Magic 2014: Duel of the Planeswalkers – Bringing You Next Year’s Game Next Week

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With the launch of the next Duel of the Planeswalkers a mere week away, WotC have been kind enough to put out a couple of videos to show off some of the new features. Between Slivers, Sealed and a new emphasis on story, is there enough to this installment to draw people in?

18 06, 2013

Skulls of the Shogun – Bigger, Better, Bonier

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What is it about Microsoft and ruining things that should otherwise be rather good? Well anyway, here we have an example of a rare Windows 8 exclusive that somehow managed to escape captivity is now finally making its way back to civilization and the limelight it actually deserves.

17 06, 2013

A Healthy Dose of Killing in Killzone: Shadow Fall

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This year's E3 has seem some interesting new games pop up, as well as many a new installment in fan-favorite franchises. The latest game in the Killzone series, Shadow Fall, is looking to take things in a new direction on an old world, with the help of fancy new graphical capabilities and a color palette wider than just shades of brown.

13 06, 2013

Planetary Annihilation – Early Access Impacts Steam

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There's something soothing about smashing a celestial body into your neighbor's house just because he gave you a weird look when you bought that giant murder-mech last week. That's pretty much what Planetary Annihilation is about really; throwing an array of increasingly deadly weapons at your enemies / neighbors until they're no longer there. And conveniently, it just went into Alpha.

12 06, 2013

Rift Goes Free to Play with the Empyreal Assault Update

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As the internet still collectively struggles to recover from witnessing the brutal butchering that Sony inflicted on Microsoft at E3, there's awesome things going on in Telara that threaten to go unnoticed. Between the slew of new content courtesy of the Empyreal Assault update and the transition to an incredible unrestricted free to play model, there's never been a better time to hit up Telara.