12 05, 2015

Guitar Hero Live announces 24 songs. Includes Pantera, Skrillex and Ed Sheeran

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Guitar Hero Live starts rolling out #TracklistTuesday with first 24 songs. Includes Chop Suey, Cowboy's from Hell, and... Bangarang?

28 04, 2015

This War of Mine gets huge update. Now let’s you kill your friends.

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This War of Mine patch 1.3 goes live. Character Editor and Scenario Editor let you watch your friends suffer.

16 04, 2015

Let’s get ready to FUMBLE! Bloodbowl 2 Chaos Gameplay

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Blood Bowl 2 Chaos gameplay video shows us tackling, drop-kicking, and a little bit of bribery.

4 07, 2014

SW:ToR – Sandcastles in the Sand

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Ever been so tired of slaughtering mindless minions that, at the end of the day, you just wanted to plop yourself down into a nice

2 07, 2014

SMITE Announces World Championship for January 2015

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In a genre quickly becoming saturated by middling clones and inappropriate acronyms, more than a little credit needs to be given to SMITE for doing

5 06, 2014

Panzer General Online announce D-Day Event

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Panzer General Online, the online turn based tactical battle game with a side order of collectable card game from Ubisoft, has just announced it's first

4 06, 2014

Magicka Wizard Wars reaches 500,000 Downloads.

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Friendships are overrated, at least that's the news that seems to be hidden in amongst the details coming from Paradox Interactive and Paradox North today,

5 09, 2013

Hawken – Something Massive this Way Comes

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Every now and then, a new patch will come along that's different from the rest. Where others see the need for balance changes and bug

26 07, 2013

Space Hulk Launches August 15th… FOR THE EMPEROR!

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We had the pleasure of checking out Turn Based Strategy Xenocide simulator Space Hulk last month at Rezzed and even in the unfinished unpolished state we

25 07, 2013

Beatbuddy – A THR3AKS News Musical Special

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With Beatbuddy's early August release looming ever closer, the THR3AKS devs are sparing no opportunity to tease us with videos of awesome levels and sweet music. Of course, it wouldn't be one of their videos if things didn't get awkward, with plenty of appropriate dancing.