8 07, 2012

Behind The Scenes – Rezzed and Expo’s in General.

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I like the idea of transparency. Without you guys supporting us. We'd be able to do none of this, and that's why the more I

23 06, 2012

Abouncement! Giveaway and competition info!

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The whole LThan3 gang have some fantastic news to share with you guys regarding the fantastic little indie game Bounce that they took a look at recently.

23 03, 2012

Stormstout Brewery Walkthrough and *Bonus* Warlock Pets – Mists of Pandaria (Beta)

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Dave takes a look at Stormstout Brewery, one of the new 85-87 Instances in Mists of Pandaria. Bugs and Crashes abound, as well as some shocking low DPS that puts Dave to sleep... Several times.