29 10, 2014

Evolve Big Alpha Giveaway – 500 entries!

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Dying to get your hands on Evolve? Well you might not have to wait until February to get your fix. Turtle Rock are running a "Big Alpha" soon and we've giving you the chance to be involved.

25 07, 2014

An early look at Habitat

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I've always been conflicted about playing a game before it's finished. On one hand, you get to play that game you're really excited about well

7 07, 2014

Fist of Awesome – Bear Knuckle Brawling

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I can't really remember when the last time I played a side-scrolling beat em up was. I do know it was many years ago on

1 06, 2014

Opinion: On Amnesia and Pork

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Rejoice internet, for the sequel to everyone's favorite game to watch other people play is finally upon us. Will it live up to the particular flavor of horror that The Dark Descent established, or will it attempt to forge new ground? Either way, the screams will be delicious.

3 05, 2014

Europa Universalis IV – Grand Strategy on an Epic scale

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Paradox's latest masterpiece, Europa Universalis IV, elevates strategy gaming to a whole new level of epicness and takes its rightful place among the titans of the genre. Pulling the strings of your favourite renaissance-era country and watching the world dance to your whims is seriously satisfying.

3 08, 2013

Kerbal Space Program – More Power! – Inside The Game

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A quick highlight from the Kerbal Space Program stream yesterday sees Dave attempt to work with the logic that anything can be solved by adding more rockets.

1 07, 2012

Bounce off – Behind the scenes

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Writing is something that I enjoy personally, and so it makes me even happier that now we have this wonderful platform when it comes to

27 05, 2012

Bringing Gamers Closer

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The LThan3 crew "spread the <3" and give to those in need, with competition winner Jaime gaining threefold joy.