Friendships are overrated, at least that’s the news that seems to be hidden in amongst the details coming from Paradox Interactive and Paradox North today, as they announced that Magicka: Wizard Wars had been downloaded over 500,000 times. If you’re unaware of what Magicka Wizard Wars is, or want a quick refresher course then Magicka: Wizard Wars is an “Action PvP” game, otherwise known as a PvP arena style game. Pitting teams of 4 vs 4 or if someone has besmirched your honour you can instead choose to fight in a 1-on1 Duel mode akin to some sort of Magic based Thunderdome.

We checked out the game back in August last year at Gamescom and it was everything you’d expect an arena style game to be, but with that Magicka twist added in for extra effect, and the open beta seems to have carried the game in to right direction since then, things are just a little cleaner, more polished and despite a few issues in the first few days when OB game up, the game is slowly getting more and more stable as time goes on. If you enjoyed Magicka, or you’re looking for a new game to spend some time in here and there, take a look at Wizard Wars, each match is pretty quick, there’s a good number of tricks to learn and the Magicka element system translates well over in to the PvP style system.

You can grab the Open Beta client over on Steam for free, and there are some starter packs available as well.