We had the pleasure of checking out Turn Based Strategy Xenocide simulator Space Hulk last month at Rezzed and even in the unfinished unpolished state we were allowed to get our drool covered hands on it looked fantastic. So imagine the excitement and glee I felt when I heard that it would be less than three weeks before I could spend my free time watching Genestealers explode in happy multicoloured clouds like a  wonderfully messy piñata.

If pre-ordering is your type of thing then Full Control will be throwing in 2 extra items for you one for those of you that seek enjoyment from multiplayer mutiliation and the other for the single player fans. In Multiplayer you’ll be able to show off with a personal banner pole, and in single player you’ll be granted a Hive Fleet Kraken skin for the Genestealers you’re about to redecorate with.



Space Hulk is currently up for pre-order over on Steam and will set you back £22.99/$29.99/€27.99