Watch Dogs, if you recall, is the thing that sent everyone’s heads spinning last E3. The promise of an open world, next-gen, hacking/shooting game set in a large city full of conspiracies and cyber-terrorism had pretty much everyone clamoring to play this game, and what we’ve seen of it in the meantime has only made that desire stronger. And thanks to the good people over at Ubisoft, we now know that Watch Dogs has been set for a November 22nd release date across all platforms, and on top of that, we have a tasty new trailer to further tease our palates.

Well, that was disappointing. Sorry, but no amount of cuts and what I can only describe as someone trying to convert the trailer to anaglyph 3D on-the-fly could make that selection of video seem interesting. Which is somewhat odd, since everything else we’ve had the chance to see on the game so far had me both curious and eager to see more. Here’s hoping the incredibly generic vibe that permeates the trailer doesn’t make it into the final game, because that would be a ton of wasted potential otherwise.